Before working with Melissa, I felt frustrated by personal constraints that had a big impact on my business and my success. After several years of disappointments and difficulties, I felt trapped and forced to believe that “my moment” had not come yet.

Well during our 3 months together, I increased my income by $ 30,000.

With Melissa, I totally changed the way I work, how I do marketing and how I communicate to attract my ideal clients. I am able to prioritize my actions. I put less pressure and demand on myself. I feel like an entrepreneur and have created services that really reflect who I am.

I am no longer the same woman, the same entrepreneur or the same coach! I am proud of my company, the results of my clients and my reputation. I feel in total coherence with my ambitions. Melissa’s coaching is really effective, innovative and simple.

Ombeline Becker, Activator of Potential for Entrepreneurs and Change Agents