even as a little girl, I would see myself

making a big difference in the world.

I dreamt of changing lives, leaving a legacy and creating an impact that extended way beyond myself.

I went with my parents as they jetted off to different personal development conferences and workshops, soaking up everything I could. After university, I got lucky enough to get jobs where I lead educational initiatives that would make a difference.

But while I was making a tiny impact, my heart wanted to go bigger.

It was asking to change more lives.

Serve the world in a higher capacity.

And to do it in a way that merged the spiritual and strategic into one beautiful, transformative package.

I looked for breadcrumbs anywhere I could find them, following the new path I set out to create for myself.

I studied to become a massage therapist, but what I really wanted to be was a coach. I also realized that being an entrepreneur was really lighting me up. I devoured courses on marketing, branding and entrepreneurship.

I dreamt of changing lives, leaving a legacy and creating an impact that extended way beyond myself. | https://abundancewithmelissa.com/

slowly I started to realize my souls true passion

Impacting women through my heart-centered coaching business

Melissa Mayer | https://abundancewithmelissa.com/

I lived in Quebec, but I decided to get my coach training in the United States. (What can I say? I always knew I’d move here one day!)

My first clients were women going through professional transitions and thinking about making the leap into entrepreneurship. They weren’t fulfilled by their work any longer, and they’d come to understand that a normal day job was never going to light them up.

I began to lead them through what I’d learned about business and marketing, teaching them about making sales, crafting signature offerings and creating a solid brand.

I’ve been raised with the idea that we could create whatever we wanted in our lives, and entrepreneurship is such the perfect path for that. It’s a platform to share your message with the world, live on your terms, and experience true freedom.

These women had it within them to be amazing coaches — they just needed to be shown how to build a business around it! Before I knew it, I was exclusively coaching entrepreneurs on growing their empires.

But I noticed there was something going on with the women I was coaching…

A story that played out over and over again…

I’d hand them the practical strategies to build a successful business, but they’d still hold themselves back from getting the extraordinary results I knew they were capable of. They weren’t playing full out. They were chasing their dreams, but only halfway. Deep down, my intuition was telling me that so much more was possible for them. We hadn’t even cracked the surface yet.

So I went on a quest to find the solution. I explored a few fresh modalities focused on energy healing and releasing blocks, but it was still not having the results I wanted for my clients.

one day, everything clicked.

I took the best bits from my nearly decade of study, and I used them

to create The Infinite Success Method.

I wanted a tool that would allow my clients to achieve very practical goals in their business while still offering a profound, personal transformation. And I wanted my method to be better than anything else than I’d ever tried before 😉

And it worked!

My clients were now doubling and tripling their revenues, taking on new leadership roles, and creating signature offers that aligned with their highest potential. They were more confident and more masterful. They were playing bigger as they removed their unconscious limitations and owned their power. Their visions were expanding. Their clarity was coming in clearer than ever. And they did nearly all of it without changing their business strategies.

one day, everything clicked. | https://abundancewithmelissa.com/

Now I’m certifying coaches in the Infinite Success Method, so they can deliver better results and profound transformations to their own clients.

I’m now at multiple-6 figures a year myself and running a very sustainable business that allows me to to prioritize the lifestyle I want for myself. I’ve even created the freedom to move to Oahu, Hawaii and earned a fast $100,000 to get the U.S. visa I needed to do business here, all because of using The Infinite Success Method to manifest my vision.

In Hawaii, I’ve finally found my home and the community I want to be a part of — a crew of high-vibe people who are just as committed to making our world better..

You belong in my circle of friends and clients if:

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    You’ve always dreamt bigger than those around you, and you’re ready to embrace a world of infinite possibilities for your business and your life.

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    You’re ready to move onto the next level of leadership, prosperity, vision, inspiration and action.

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    You want to feel aligned with your highest potential and expand fully into the woman your soul came here to be.




the world is waiting