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You dream of a world where everyone can be free to live up to their full potential.

Where humans are aligned with their soul in all areas.

Where unconscious blocks are cleared, clarity is found, and liberation is way of life.

You Dream of

You know in your heart you’re meant for big things, but you’re still not fully claiming your space or your role as a leader. Yes, you’ve dipped in your toes with a coaching business of your own, but as far as diving to the depths and exploring just how far you’re able to expand? Something’s holding you back...and you’re not quite sure what it might be.

It’s like you’ve barely skimmed the surface of what’s possible. And none of the work you’ve done so far is bringing you any closer to your end goal of becoming a transformational leader and creating infinite success in your business.

You don’t feel like you’ve quite earned it yet. You’re not sure you’ve done “enough.” And you feel you are only touching the tip of the iceberg for the results you can get your clients.


Am I a good coach?

Am I really getting significant results for my clients?

Do I have a deep impact on people’s lives?

Do I have what it takes to stand out as a leader?

Am I actually going to achieve the visions I have?

And the one that keeps you up at night:

How do I get my clients bigger breakthroughs when I still feel like I’m waiting for my own?

There’s so much left to discover about how you can help people.
About how you can help yourself. About how you can help the world.

This is the truth: 

You can only take your clients as deep as you’ve gone yourself.

If you haven’t gone on a mining expedition to find and release your own unconscious blocks on every level of your being, then you’ll barely be able to move the needle of what’s possible — for you or your clients

The Infinite Success Method is the step-by-step method hundreds of coaches around the globe have used to open up their gifts, increase their impact and fully own their area of expertise.

This process was designed to be utilized by the coach AND with your clients. It keeps you in a high vibration while allowing you to go deep into transformation.

Hi, I am Melissa.

Let me be your guide.










This is your sacred vessel for rapid transformation. 


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    Doubling, tripling or quadrupling your revenues because you’re finally able to squash those buried inner obstacles to prosperity

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    Expanding your ability to powerfully coach yourself and your clients to major breakthrough after major breakthrough

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    Busting through the barriers that have stood in the way of your success and the success of your clients for far too long

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    Having a superpower that allows you to laser in on what’s blocking you or your clients in an instant — and then being able to clear it in a way that still feels light and fun

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    Fully receiving and embodying the spiritual practices you’ve always wondered about but never quite knew how to anchor in

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    Having the tools to manifest clients, abundance, and more quickly and easily 

Here’s the path you’ll walk to your infinite possibilities: 


Module one:

Unlocking Your Highest Potential 

Before you can be a facilitator of transformation for others, you have to start with yourself. In Module One, you’ll get into the right mindset from the beginning, so you can better understand how it impacts your success — and the success of your clients. 


Module Two:

Introduction To The Infinite Success Method

Before you can be a facilitator of transformation for others, you have to start with yourself. In Module One, you’ll get into the right mindset from the beginning, so you can better understand how it impacts your success — and the success of your clients. 


Module Three:

Aligning Your Energy For Abundance

Now it’s time to start applying the Infinite Success Method to your life — starting with your financial goals. You’ll identify the unconscious blocks that are impacting your revenues behind the scenes, so you can profoundly release them and achieve your financial goals with more ease. 


Module Four:

Opening Up To Infinite Success

Once the money is flowing, it’s time to discover how to use the method for the other goals in your life and business. Past clients have been able to increase their visibility, clarify their message, attract more clients, and own their leadership more fully. The possibilities are literally infinite. 


Module Five:

Practice The Infinite Success Method With Your Clients

In Module 5, you’ll learn how to identify the inner blockages your clients are experiencing, in whatever area you coach. The Infinite Success Method can be applied across industries because it works on the unconscious level. 


Module Six:

The Infinite Success Method In Your Business

Once you go through the Infinite Success Method yourself, your gifts will start to undeniably emerge. In Module 6, you’ll recreate your elevator pitch now that your services have started to evolve. You’ll also identify how you want to integrate the Infinite Success Method into your business model, either by making it your primary tool of transformation or simply integrating it into what you already do. 


Module Seven:

Reach Your Next Level

In Module 7, you’ll receive more tips on how to be a better coach for your clients. You’ll also be shown how to be even more precise in the identification of their inner blocks, so the transformation — and the results — can evolve as you do. 

Create infinite possibilities with this groundbreaking method

Here’s what you’ll receive: 

You don’t feel like you’ve quite earned it yet. |

7 video training modules on The Infinite Success Method The same method used by hundreds of coaches around the world to facilitate bigger breakthroughs for themselves AND their clients

The infinite success method |

Step-by-step Infinite Success Guides You can print, follow along and bring with you to your own coaching calls

Something’s holding you back...and you’re not quite sure what it might be. |

8 live group coaching calls with Melissa where you’ll have your most burning questions answered, get personalized feedback and of course, experience the opportunity to be on the receiving end of The Infinite Success Method

Ombeline Becker |

Case studies demonstrating the Infinite Success Method being used on Melissa’s real clients

The Infinite Success Methods |

The private Infinite Success Facebook community where you can collaborate and connect with other like-minded coaches

NEW: The Infinite Success Method Certification

so you can use this method with your own clients as soon as you finish the program 



Step inside The Infinite Success Method if: 

  • You’re feeling called to create a massive impact in your clients’ lives
  • You want to discover your true essence and the gifts that exist inside you
  • You know that in order to reach the next level of success, you need to be aligned mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually 
  • You’re looking for a way to work with your clients that is both strategic and spiritual, practical and energetic, grounded in reality but also connected to something highe

This isn’t meant for you if: 

  • You desire to play small, stay stuck, and let your subconscious blocks rule your life and business. 
  • Transformation isn’t a priority for you or the people you serve
  • You don’t want to heal the parts of yourself that are begging to be examined — or know how to heal those parts in others


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is The Infinite Success Method?

A: The Infinite Success Method is a practical and energetic tool of rapid transformation. It was created by Melissa Mayer is taught exclusively inside this 4-month live group coaching program. 

Q: Is this right for me?

A: If you’ve ever dreamt about succeeding as a healer, leader or transformational entrepreneur, this is for you. If you’ve ever felt like something inside needed to “snap into place” before you could achieve amazing results in your life or business, this is for you. If you work with clients and want to get them the most profound results possible, this is for you. 

Q: How much access do I get to Melissa?

A: You’ll have coaching from me inside the 8 live group calls as well as inside the Infinite Success Method Facebook group. I usually charge $X to coach with my privately, but 4 months of support inside The Infinite Success Method container is only $X. 

Q: What happens after I enroll? 

A: You’ll be welcomed into the program via email, where you’ll receive guidance on how to join the Facebook group, when the calls will be held, and how to access your Infinite Success training materials. I’ll be with you every step of the way.

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